Services & Product Care



With proper care and maintenance, your fine jewelry will last a lifetime.  Dacuba's Jewelry offers a full range of on-site repair work for all of your jewelry needs. Please note that we do not sell or service watches or timepieces. Staffed with a bench jeweler, we utilize both traditional and modern jewelry repair techniques. Limited custom work available upon request. The most common repairs that we provide are: 

Chain & charm Soldering

    Clasp Replacement

      Clean & Check

        Prong Repair & Re-Tipping

          Rhodium Plating & Refinishing

            Ring Sizing & Sizing Beads

              Stone and Shank Repair & Replacement

              Pricing & Repair Time

              Prices vary depending on specific repair.  We are always happy to provide estimates.

              Most jewelry repairs are completed within 7–10 business days. However, each individual job is different, and depending on the volume of work and the complexity of the job, time frames will vary.  

              Sterling Silver Product Care Cleaning:

              We suggest you clean your sterling silver jewelry regularly with a soft polishing cloth to retain the integrity of your piece. Polishing cloths can be purchased in store or on our website.  We do not recommend you use any type of jewelry cleaning solution to care for you silver jewelry.  


              Sterling Silver can tarnish when exposed to anything containing sulfur such as; perspiration, leather, chlorine, rubber and salt air. Since these elements can not be avoided, please make sure to maintain your jewelry as needed. The more you wear your sterling silver pieces, the less maintenance it will need. The longer an item sits unworn, there is a chance it will tarnish. Also, let your jewelry be the last thing you put on, after hair care products, lotions and perfumes to prevent any residue.


              Always store your jewelry in a dry, low humidity place. To keep your sterling silver in its best condition, store in an airtight container or use our store product packaging.